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BioAge Balance by Sandra Diegues

BioAge Balance by Sandra Diegues

Personalised nutrition plans based on the benefits of a clean eating diet and doable healthy lifestyle recommendations.

Optimum Nutrition

immunity balance and disease prevention


Bioage Balance
nutritional healing programme

A well-balanced diet is so important to our health that sometimes inadequate habits can be the underlying cause of chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes.


Recovering your inner balance with a nutritious adequate diet tailored to your biochemical individuality can help your body restore from the biological changes caused by daily stressors.

With BioAge Balance, you replenish vital nutritional needs to promote calming physiological responses in your system. Thanks to our nutritionist specialists, you will pamper your palate with a personalised nutrition plan based on the benefits of a clean eating diet and doable healthy lifestyle recommendations.

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What's Included?

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Tailored To Your Needs

  • Nutrition and wellbeing consultation

  • Lifestyle Biomarkers assessment

  • Body composition analysis: body fat, body mass index, etc.

  • Stress and lifestyle assessment

  • Dietary examination and recommendations

  • Nutritional meal plan adapted to your biochemical individuality.

  • Personal eating schedule from Monday to Friday


  • Personal dietary supplements 

  • Functional laboratory tests available


  • Individuals who need to boost the immune system with a personal nutrition approach

  • Individuals who have being exposed to COVID-19 and suffer from persistent long term symptoms.

  • Individuals who would like to adopt healthier dietary habits and improve a health condition.

  • individuals who as a result of stress, feel overwhelmed, fatigued and lack of energy.

  • ​Individuals staying long periods indoors, feeling fatigue and lack of energy.

Programme delivery

  • You can book and follow this program from the comfort of your home  or as a holiday package at one of our hotel partners destinations.

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