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BioAge Detox Retreats in Greece

BioAge Detox Retreats in Greece

Personalised nutrition plans based on the benefits of a clean eating diet and doable healthy lifestyle recommendations.


eco-health holidays for disease prevention


Bioage Nutrition Retreats
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Changing your travel habits to an environmentally friendly way has many benefits. Along with being incredibly rewarding and cost effective, not only are you helping to look after the environment but improving your health at the same time. By reducing the impact of your holidays, you minimise exposure to environmental toxic chemicals, and allow your body to properly rest while reducing the level of toxicity you might be exposed to on a daily basis. 


If you need to break from bad habits or are struggling with a health condition, our wellness retreats are a great way to adjust physical and emotional imbalances within an eco-friendly environment. On the contrary, if you feel well and in perfect health, you can also benefit from a tailored approach to help you achieve a new level of wellbeing.

We offer a fantastic range of wellness retreats based on preventive medicine and healthy longevity programmes, ideal for a boosting rejuvenation treat. All retreats provide personalised meal boards for general health improvement, and you can opt for an antioxidant cellular restoration programme with intermittent fasting or our popular evidence-based Niacin Detox programme, both wellness retreats can be combined with yoga, HIIT, Pilates or your favourite activities. To book one of our wellness retreats with, simply choose one of our destinations in Europe and get in touch.

We are confident that at the end of your journey you will be planning to continue to work towards the life you always wanted and that best supports the quality of your health and well-being.

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